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PC Pilots Ireland 'Computer Flight Simulator and Aviation Show 2006'



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Entrance Fee Euro 5.00     Payable at the door.


Ireland's only combined Computer Flight Simulator and Aviation Show will feature exhibitors from the Flight Simulation and Aviation communities.

The purpose of the event is to promote computer Flight Simulation as a hobby in the context of the wider aviation interest. If you have any interest in aviation, this show will have something that will enhance your interest.

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X - see the new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  • Visitors will have the opportunity to see, use, and purchase, computer Flight Simulation software and peripherals, all for use on a home PC.

  • Fly a range of aircraft from a Cessna to a Boeing 747 on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  • Take a flight on our home built cockpit.

  • Internet Flights and Air Traffic Control: Pilots using Microsoft Flight Simulator will be guided by Air Traffic Control while flying on the Internet. Air Traffic Control for Ireland on the Internet is supplied by the Irish Virtual Air Traffic Controllers (VATeir).

  • 'All Models' will be selling civil and military scale model aircraft.

  •  Share your interest in Flight Simulation by joining the 'PC Pilots Ireland' and receive our quarterly magazine 'PC Flight'.

  • Those interested in Flight Simulation will get advice on suitable home computers, graphics cards, joysticks, rudder pedals, etc.

  • Alpine Systems specialise in building computers to suit your needs, be it for Flight Simulation, Office or Home use. See Microsoft Flight Simulator on 3 x 32" LCD Monitors using the new Matrox TripleHead2Go.

  • There will be presentations from Flight Simulation Groups plus screenings of aviation cockpit DVDs in the 'Presentation Theatre'.

  • Enter the free draw for Flight Simulation software.

  • Purchase the latest issue or subscribe to 'Flying In Ireland' - Ireland's only dedicated aviation magazine.

  • If you are interested in Model Aircraft or Microlights, talk to the representative bodies for more information.

See the expanding list of exhibitors below


If you are involved in the Flight Simulation or Aviation community and are interested in exhibiting at the show, please contact us.


The Venue


The Red Cow Hotel and Route Map

Please Note: The show will be held in the Hotel itself and not in the Exhibition Centre

Entrance to the show will be on the left side of the Hotel and not via the Hotel entrance


Flight Simulation Exhibitor Previews    (Subject to change)


PC Pilots Ireland: Take a fight in our home built cockpit and join our members on their flight simulator setups


VATeir: The Irish virtual Air Traffic Controllers will be controlling on the day


Microsoft: Microsoft will be displaying their new Flight Simulator software


Aerosoft: A sample of their flight simulator software catalogue


CyberSeat: Take a go on the CyberSeat and move with the movements of the aircraft on MS Flight Simulator and Falcon 4


Sea Gull: Flight/Navigation instruments for use on flight simulator software

The Pilot's Seat: By First Class Simulations (accessories not included)

Flight1: A sample of their flight simulator software catalogue


Flightdeck Solutions: Single seat training devices and panels



Flight Simulators Ltd: Elite Flight Consoles and the ITRA Active Panel - just a sample of their products


Just Flight: A sample of their flight simulator software catalogue


RC Simulations: GoFlight Modules, CH Control Yokes & Throttles, Saitex Joysticks & Pedals and a range of software for Flight Simulator


VFR-Cockpit: a sample of their simulator panels

Ariane Design: a sample of their B737 series for MS Flight Simulator

Alpine Systems: Custom built PCs for Flight Sim, Office and Home needs. See Flight Simulator on 3 x 32" LCD monitors using the new Matrox TripleHead2Go.

PC Pilot magazine: UK based Flight Simulation magazine


Flight Simulation Exhibitors    Click on the exhibitor name to access their website


Aerosoft     German publisher of software for MS Flight Simulator (Airports, Aircraft, Utilities).

Ariane    Ariane Design specialise in the Boeing 737 series for use on MS Flight Simulator. Their products include: B737-300,-400,-500. B737NG-600,-700,-800,-900 and the B737NG-BBJ.

All Models     Dublin based shop who specialise in various models, including military aircraft and civil airline scale models.

Alpine Systems    UK Company who build and supply personal computers, laptops and peripherals - custom built for your specialist needs. They specialise in PC systems for the demanding area of Flight Simulation.

CyberSeat     The CyberSeat simulator brings games to life by moving you to match the movements you see on the screen using MS Flight Simulator and  Falcon 4.

First Class Simulations   The new 'Pilot's Seat' will be on display using Microsoft Flight Simulator. This seat enables you to adopt the same sitting position as a pilot in the cockpit, is fully adjustable, rigid steel frame construction easy to assemble, suitable for all ages, heights and builds.

Flightdeck Solutions     Canadian company who specialise in the creation of replica commercial and general aviation panels and components, often in kit form, to enable Flight Simulation hobbyists to assemble and build their own creations.

Flight Simulators Ltd    UK company who offer all types of simulation devices and software from Desktop Flight Training Consoles to professional Training Devices.

IFSD    The Irish Flight Sim Design team design free scenery for Ireland - Airports, Airfields, Terrain and Landmarks. They will be displaying their latest scenery project.

Just Flight    UK publisher of software for MS Flight Simulator (Airports, Aircraft, Utilities).

PC Pilots Ireland    Ireland's only club for non combat Flight Simulator users. Although based in Ireland, our membership is spread throughout the UK, Europe, Canada and USA.  Our members will have their PCs (with various set-ups) and will be happy to let you do a flight. We will also have our home built cockpit which you are welcome to try.

Microsoft    The developers and publishers of 'Flight Simulator' will be displaying the latest version - Flight Simulator X.

PC Pilot magazine    UK based Flight Simulator magazine.

R.C. Simulations    UK family business who supply almost everything for the Flight Simulator user. Bob Sidwick is an avid flight sim fan and can give advise on software, flight controls, hardware (PC, Graphics Cards etc.).

Sea Gull    Dutch based company who produce high quality, affordable, 'Plug & Fly' instruments for use with MS Flight Simulator, X-Plane and Elite Software.

VATeir    VATeir (Virtual Air Traffic Ireland) are the guys who control the virtual Irish Airspace. These guys are trained and must pass exams as they progress through the ranks of controller grade levels. During the show, they will be on-line controlling any aircraft that enter, depart or transit Irish airspace.

VFR-Cockpit    French company who make cockpit panels (mono or multi-pilot) to suit any Flight Simulator aircraft (General Aviation and Jetliner). They also produce a simulator which works with MS FS2004.



Aviation Exhibitor Previews    (Subject to change)


Flying In Ireland: Ireland's only dedicated aviation magazine


All Models: Dublin based outlet for scale Model Aircraft


Helimodels: Suppliers of remote control Helicopter Kits and Helicopter Simulator


Aviation Exhibitors    Click on the exhibitor name to access their website


Flying In Ireland    Ireland's only dedicated Aviation monthly magazine.

Helimodels    Dublin based supplier of remote control Helicopter models. They also supply the Tru-Flite Heli and Aero Simulator, which will be on display.

Historic Aviation Society of Ireland   The Historical Aviation Society of Ireland (HASOI) - Ireland's Movement for the Preservation of Aviation Heritage.

Irish Aviation Books    Recently published books relating to Irish Aviation will be available for sale.

Model Aeronautics Council of Ireland  The Model Aeronautics Council of Ireland promote model flying in Ireland. They promote Aero-Modelling at all levels of competition, in all disciplines. They will have a sample of models on display.

The Aviation Society of Ireland  Formed in 1969 the Aviation Society of Ireland has it's membership in Ireland, the UK, Mainland Europe, USA and Canada. They have an active interest in all matters of aviation in Ireland and produce their own magazine 'Aviation Ireland'.

The National Microlight Association of Ireland (NMAI)  NMAI is the representing body for Microlights in Ireland. They promote the sport of Microlight Flying and encourage the formation of clubs.



Presentations    (Subject to change)



VATSIM    Ruth McTighe is Vice President of Communications, VATSIM and a controller in the UK division of VATSIM (VATSIM-UK). Ruth will give a presentation on what VATSIM is, how it works, and how new Pilots and new Controllers can get started on VATSIM.



VATeir  Assistant Director of the Irish Virtual Air Traffic Controllers, Daryl Reilly will give a presentation on how VATeir is organised and how they provide a realistic Air Traffic Control service in Irish Airspace.



Flightdeck Solutions  Peter Cos of Flightdeck Solutions will give a presentation on what they have been developing over the past 6 years as well as some insight into building a Flight Simulator.



IFC Global Network    The International Flightsim Convention global network founder Mark Silcock, runs major Flight Simulator Conventions in Europe, USA and Australia. Mark will give a presentation on his involvement in Flight Simulation and what the IFC has to offer Flight Simulation fans.



Floor Plan

Subject to change